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  • Fluent in the taste of the season, "Japanese Kaiseki", Restaurant, Concert

    -, Please cherish the Gomi Five Colors Five and enjoy the beauty and taste of Japanese food -

    A restaurant that you can taste Kaiseki cuisine that experiences 'hot well-known innovation' of food around the basis of Japanese food.
    A variety of delicious dishes in which the delicious taste of using local fresh seafood sent directly from Saganoseki, Oita Prefecture and various ingredients harmonized with seasonal ingredients.
    It is a desire to enjoy 'the body's delight.'

    ~Dinner, Restaurant conclusion, "Kaiseki", course list~

     【Kaiseki Oboe】
    Chief Chef Passion Enjoy the traditions and techniques of four seasons and Japanese cuisine

     【Kaiseki Meal, Kunimi】
    Use seasonal ingredients luxuriously for each season

     【Shabu-shabu cuisine with Oita Bungo and seasonal vegetables】
    "Wagyu Olympic Games" Prime Minister Prize Winner 満 Enjoy Oota Bungo Cow ❞

     【Beppu Tetsuwa Hot Springs specialties, Jigoku Mushi kaiseki】
    "Jigoku Mushi" is a steamed dish utilizing hot hot spring steam that continues from the Edo time period

     【Fuguzukuri course】
    Provided in full-course only for winter season, just for now
  • The highest Wagyu Beef with black fur and seasonal seafood, "Teppanyaki,"Teppanyaki Restaurant, Kaede

    The top- Wagyu Beef with black fur and local vegetables and rice brought up by organic farming techniques are using quality materials purchased from reliable contract farmers.
    Kyushu Special Black Hair Wagyu brought up naturally by Kyushu is juicy and very soft.
    Fresh sea bream sending directly what was pickled in Nagasaki, you can taste sweetness and crispness of high freshness.
    Please enjoy a lot of iron plate dishes that bring out the flavor of the material, such as 'Season' of this land, abalone of high-grade ingredients and Japanese Spiny Lobster and so on.

    ~Dinner, Teppanyaki Restaurant, Maple, "Teppanyaki", course list~

     【Teppanyaki, Ocean course】
    Premium course highest level of the garden

     【Teppanyaki, Kunimi course】
    Standard course with Japanese domestic Wagyu Beef with black fur and Japanese Spiny Lobster

     【Teppanyaki, Takasaki course】
    Domestic Japanese Wagyu Beef with black fur and Oita Prefecture Seafood Steak course
  • Breakfast

    For the important breakfast of the beginning of the day, it is made considering the nutritional balance so that you can take lots of vegetables.
    Please enjoy a delicious seasonal side dish and a delicious breakfast where your body is pleased with rice cooked.