Baths of
Divine Calm

A Timeless
Temple of

Relaxation and

A Luxurious
Delight for
the Senses

A Heavenly Space,
A New Resort
in the Sky - ​Sora

Welcome to Kannawaen!

As the steam rises to the skies, a unique elegance lights up the star-filled heavens.
It is as if you can reach up and touch the sky.
As the seasons interweave, this is a place to escape from ordinary life,
forget time and create a memory that is all your own.
We will provide to you our utmost customer service as you enjoy
a special moment with us here in Beppu, rich with its nature-blessed hot springs.


A Special Welcome Drink

In all of our guest rooms, we have provided ​Yoshan Tea, a Taiwanese tea which has a long history and has been grown in Taiwan for many years. Enjoy the deep flavor and rich aroma. Each and every one of our staff look forward to welcoming you!
Yoshan​Tea Introduction

Bar・Night Lounge

The reflection of the lit-up ​Noh Theater in the window makes it look as if it is floating in the night sky. This plus the scattered lights of the city makes for an elegant and dramatic collaboration between culture and nature.


  • ​Ōtori no Yu ​(​Sora​Grand Public Bath)
  • Pool
  • Sora​Front Desk & Lobby
  • Grand Public Hot Springs Bath
  • Model (Spa)
  • Front Desk & Lobby
  • ​Kisen​(Gift Shop)
  • VERDE (Bar & Lounge)
  • ​Kaede​(​Teppanyaki​Restaurant)
  • ​Yui​(​Kaiseki​Restaurant)
  • Tsurumi​(Banquet Room)
  • Shinshouden​(​Noh​Theater)
  • Bitokuan​(Tea Room)