Sora​ Guest Rooms

Entrust yourself to Mother Nature and the scenery of Beppu Bay. Encounter the ultimate rest
that you can only experience in this place, a location which is a little closer to the sky.

Special Guest Rooms

Japanese and Western-style Guest Rooms

Hot Springs

Our completely natural large open-air bath seems to float in the sky.
We invite you to come here to release all your daily stresses and relax your body and mind.


A variety of local dishes prepared by j​igoku-mushi (​“hell steaming”),
a cooking style unique to the Beppu region which brings out the natural flavors of the ingredients.
We hope you savor all the tastes that fill your body and sense
the flow of nature through our various dishes.


Jigoku-mushi​("Hell steaming”)

Iron plate


Western-style breakfast

Japanese-style breakfast