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Lodge, Kannawaen


345 Kannawa, Beppu City, Oita Prefecture

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20 minutes by taxi from JR Beppu Station / 5 minutes walk from Kannawa Guchi Bus Stop / 5 minutes by car from Beppu IC

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We make a reservation system free of charge from the hotel to JR Beppu Station.
Time required:About 20 minutes
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Yayorozu no yuya

  • Kannawaen is a hot tub of a historic land from the foot of Mt Tsurumi.

    The Kannawa steaming water Kannawa is a town that makes you feel the most Beppu feeling by spa medical guests in Beppu Yatanu.

    "Iyo-kun Fudashi"
    The power of the great power guards "Hayami no yu" which flows from the foot of Tsurumi mountain which is the shinto body of the fire man sold shrine through the pipe to the ocean floor,
    A myth that leads to Dogo Onsen and healed the disease of Shihiko's life is written.

    Along the Kyushu crossing road in the town, a wooden Japanese-style inn with green wrapped in a mountain of mountainous hands surrounded by hell,
    There is "sanso, Kannawaen".
  • The history of the sanso Kannawaen dates back until the war.

    Before the war, the president who runs the coal mining business in Ube City, Yamaguchi Prefecture, visited Beppu for relocation recuperation,
    It is drawn by the splendor of the scenery seen from the site of the former Shozaya residence of this Kannawa and begins with building as a villa.
  • Please Experience the spiritual hot springs inn spiritual hot springs God be calm spiritual hot springs

    There are two in-house sources in the premises, all rooms are natural hot springs which do not do any water addition / humidification in the source sprinkling.

    Is useful as a hot spring recuperation hot water to heal the wound of the people for a long time, the hot water also touted the mystery and the Bijin-no-yu,
    Once you soak yourself out of power you can spare your mind and body feel comfort.


  • You can enjoy "food" where nature and body are pleased.

    Based on the basis of Japanese cuisine, at a restaurant where you can taste Japanese cuisine that experiences "warming innovation" of food,
    You can enjoy the beauty of taste and deliciousness of Japanese cuisine by cherishing the Gomi Five Colors Law.
    Using local fresh seafood such as direct from Saganoseki Oita prefecture,
    A delicious cuisine that the harvest of delicious soup and harmony of various ingredients in every season are proud of our garden.
    We will hospitality with the desire to enjoy the "what the body feels happy".
  • Cookers cook luxurious seasonal ingredients seriously and cook them.

    The teppanyaki of luxurious Wagyu Beef with black fur which the chef engages with brilliant handwriting in front of guests is also one of popularity.

    Wagyu Beef with black fur highest grade Miyazaki prefecture and vegetables and rice brought up by the organic farming method are purchased directly from contract farmers,
    A number of dishes using only the ingredients thoroughly sticking to details have received very popular attention.

    Special Black Hair Wagyu Kyushu naturally raised, juicy and very soft,
    Things of "Season" in this land, Abalone of high-grade ingredients and Japanese Spiny Lobster,
    Please enjoy a lot of iron plate dishes that bring out the taste of the material.


  • Culture in harmony with nature that dwells in the deep heart of the Japanese appear to nestled of Kannawaen

    After the war, Kannawaen played as inn, the grounds a grand and 13000 pyeong,
    Buildings such as the main building and the annex building which are modern buildings, the Noh Theater, the Tea room building, the bathhouse building are scattered.

    Each building gathers materials themselves from the whole country, is built by skilled craftsmen,
    We use precious wood in each room, making it unique.

    In addition, the Kyoto style migratory garden which became united with the building is constantly blossoming early bloom as the four seasons,
    A stone cultural property distributed among them tells history, and you can have a pleasant time for the eyes of peaceful walking.
  • Please feel the authenticity of Japanese culture scattered inside the garden.

    Moreover, there is a Noh Theater and a teahouse of a toch in the garden.

    Kamimatsu Tono(Noh Theater)
    We will perform various events including Noh, Kyogen, Japanese music using Japanese space, Japanese musical instrument performance, Rakugo, play.
    Noh Stage is built using cypress wood collected by the garden from all over the country over a long period of time.bitokuiori(Tea room)
    Kumamoto Aso is the best location where the pond in the garden spreads out from the roof and the window which the craftsman of Kumamoto Aso spreads.
    Of course you can stay while feeling Washabi as well as a tea ceremony.


  • Kannawaen is a natural hot spring with a self-sinking source.

    From the ancient times, famous hot springs that heal people as hot spring sanatoria are left as source, and we are pulling in all the rooms and public bath.
    You can take a bath in a famous hot spring at a favorite time relaxedly.
  • Guests can enjoy a swimming pool on their terrace during the summer.

    In the special room of limited 2 rooms, in addition to the inner bath and the outdoor bath,
    We have a luxury private hot spring pool.
  • We offer an oriental spa of aromatherapy which can heal both body and mind.

    In the facility there is an oriental spa where you can receive aromatherapy of sum using Japanese cypress, peppermint, Yuzu incense,
    It returns to a state harmonized with nature in both mind and body.

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